Open Automated Managed Forex Trading Account

Are you tired of learning forex trading? have you traded demo accounts and gained a lot and started with a live account and lost money? If yes, then you are at right place! Those are old ways to get started in foreign exchange trading. Now you open an automated forex trading account where you just copy experts trades and gain from it! You can even verify experts past trading performances even before you start to copy his trades!

Join us as we travel with a newcomer. Our author, Patrick Colvin, is documenting and sharing his experiences while learning about Forex trading, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and a wide range of other subjects related to Forex trading.

Watch/read as themes of practicality, permaculture, ethics and morality, demo account, terminology…and more, are interwoven into a larger, holistic perspective of what it means to trade currencies.

It’s not really about Forex nor Bitcoin

In this first episode, we explore some recent history in Bitcoin and provide links to additional resources for your own studies. Have you heard of Bitcoin? Do you see as I see: that it is emerging as an actual method to make payment, due to the technology we hold in our hands and pockets, and due to a greater acceptance and understanding in society? Have you heard of Bitcoin Cash → perhaps a step closer to entering into our ‘everyday’ lives. We also demonstrate how to apply some wisdom from Permaculture to ‘Start Doing’ by opening a Demo Account. Read more…

First Experiences on the Trading Market

Begin adapting to the language of Forex in a friendly way, with short definitions and common-language phrasing.
Take it as a warning or insight into the temptation on the market and how it can affect us personally, and how it may branch out into affecting those around us.
A little bit of humour along the more…

Where to go next: after the demo account (Part 1 of 2)

So far I’ve built up some experiences based on ‘fake’ money and following the emotional drive, which has led to significant losses and increasing losses. Since it is only a game, I recognize that I’m playing it rather than taking it seriously. From this perspective I’m unable to convince myself that it’s worth only practicing in a demo world. I see the need within myself to put real money on the line and see how I more

Where to go next: after the demo account (Part 2 of 2)

In this 2-part series, we have taken an overview of the options within the Forex trading world. May this be a platform to launch into further studies for more