Patrick Colvin

Patrick Colvin has a background in Chemical Engineering from Queen’s University in Canada. Currently, he is travelling in India and finding meaningful places to contribute his time and energy. This journey has brought him to the website while he is living with the host of the website.

Perhaps unique, or at least uncommon, is viewing this financial trading industry from the perspective of a meditator. It is the host’s belief that something of a different kind of value can be brought to the content and meaning of this website when written of from this state of being.

Patrick is about 4 months into a year-long commitment to practice Anapana, Vipassana, and Metta meditation techniques for one hour each morning and one hour each evening. This practice creates a certain mindset that is adept at diving deep into the subject being studied. It is this depth that he is bringing to the forefront by writing about his experiences and research.

Join in the journey and start reading now, or bookmark this and come back in your own convenience.